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10+ Awe-Inspiring Photos Of Vineyards In the Winter

It’s hard to take a bad picture of a vineyard. There’s something about the rolling hills and geometry of endless rows of vines that just looks so elegant. Of course we love seeing lush vines weighed down with ripe fruit, but during the winter a vineyard takes a different appearance altogether. The vines remain dormant, without any foliage or hanging grapes, resting until the next vintage.

While most vineyards remain safely tucked away on valley floors, where there’s little chance of snow, some are located at higher elevation, on steep hillsides and in rugged terrain. Here in the Okanagan valley for example we occasionally see snow accumulating on the vines. Vineyards take on a certain magical appearance when blanketed with a layer of white snow, and today we gathered some of our favorite shots from around the world to share with you.

Calico Skies, Iowa



Regnard Vineyards in The Winter


Ladoucette Photography

Vineyard in the Snow – Dorking, UK


Rows in Winter, Tuscany


First Snow in Amador County, CA

First Snow at Amador County Vineyard

Amador Vintners Association phot


Winter Morning in Lawton Michigan




Tablas Creek, Paso Robles, CA



Tablas Creek

Maury France


Maison du Terroir


Chateau d’Aigle, Switzerland


 Image courtesy Shutterstock.com

Our Very Own Stagg’s Vineyard in Okanagan

LAS Staggs vienayrd allegretto block winter


Vineyards Next to Lake Osoyoos, Summer vs. Winter

Osoyoos summer vs winter by ani


Lake Osoyoos in January

LAS osoyoos lake january with vineyards in background