The best wines come from the best vineyard sites; this is “terroir.” Fortunately for us (and you!), the Okanagan Valley happens to be one of the best wine regions anywhere with its unique climate and variety of latitudes and soils.

Weโ€™ve spent the better part of a decade so far searching out and acquiring what we feel are some of the best vineyards in the entire South Okanagan. From our home block on Osoyoos Lake District to our incredible Feuille Dโ€™Or vineyard on the equally renowned Golden Mile, we feel that each of our properties brings unique and special character to our wines.

While we are certified sustainable by SWBC, we do not employ systematic organic farm certification as we believe the spirit of engaging in sustainable and organic farming practices should not be for marketing and sales purposes. Instead it should be done for the good of the land and for the good of those who work it. Most important of all, keeping our farm healthy and devoid of chemicals is for our children and our childrenโ€™s children.

Furthermore, because our holdings are not in one physical location but instead spread out in multiple different parcels throughout the south Okanagan, the logistics, paperwork, and administration of applying for and maintaining organic certification is complicated and costly and we almost need a full-time team member to manage this. As a small, multi-tasking, hands-on and passionate operation, this doesnโ€™t fit our work.