One of the oldest vineyards in Okangan valley planted by then Local Native band chief: Mr. Sam Baptist and to this date still cared for by him. U2 block is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) plantation of Cabernet Sauvignon in all of Canada. Some of the planting is from late 70s, another one in the mid 80s followed by one in the early 90s. We have the first right of selection of the entire block.



Vaseux - Oliver


Long Term Lease


Located on a flat plateau at the foot of the mountain South Facing.




Cabernet Sauvignon


Planted on deep, sandy, glacio-fluvial parent materials including kettled outwash deposit. Bedrock is dominated by gneiss and granite.


Silt and gravel mix/alluvial deposit and sand.

Sub Texture

Gravel with sand and loamy sand.

Current Releases

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