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2017 Allegretto  |  93 points. 4/5 value value

Being asked to imagine “your bare feet in warm sand” is a blessed opening gambit for a slower than Allegro Okanagan Valley merlot. The phrase “piè franco” is invoked and with thanks to Italian wine scholar Jeremy Parzen, “in Italian wine parlance denotes ungrafted rootstock and is often employed to designate wines made from ungrafted, pre-phylloxera vines, like the Cappellano Barolo Piè Franco. It is akin, although not derived from, the French franc de pied.” This 2017 piece performed in that soil to vine movement is beautifully and dutifully paced, a deeply resonant, firm and earthbound red with both feet squarely, if magically anchored in white silica sand. You can taste the controlled lightning, a flash of metalliferous virtuoso and the “campo franco,” or free field form of a vineyard-tethered merlot. The potential here is great. The lingua franca notated speaks to B.C. and to La Stella’s style. Also worth noting, once again with a nod to JP, that one of the earliest instances of Piè is found in the humanist poet Politian, a.k.a Poliziano, who was from Montepulciano. This Allegretto is very reminiscent of merlot produced in the southern Tuscan appellation. A curious reference point, if only for a fleeting, piè franco moment. Drink 2021-2028. Tasted January 2021.

Michael Godel  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: Jan 2021

2017 Allegretto

Such a wine. 30ish year old own rooted [pie franco] vines in white silica sand. Canada’s top merlot, yet again.

Treve Ring  |  Gismondi on wine

91 points

With its inky black colour, dark, roasted fruit, and firm, grainy tannins, this is a large scaled, severe, chewy and structured cabernet from La Stella. The palate is loaded with chewy tannins, giving an astringent texture overall, and length is very good to excellent. It’s still several years away from prime drinking, but should make for a bold and satisfying wine in 2-3 years; best after 2023. Tasted January 2021.

John Szabo (MS)  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: Jan 2021

93 points. 4/5 Value

La Stella’s 2017 Maestoso is a dark and sumptuous wine, fleshy but structured, firm but voluptuous, filling all crevices. The palate is awash in plummy black fruit, with generous shavings of integrated oak, lingering impressively on the finish. This is bold, broad concentrated red wine, designed to age; this should hold comfortably until the end of the century, a fine example of BC merlot, easily in the top echelon. Tasted January 2021.

John Szabo (MS)  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: Jan 2021

90 points

A rare merlot grown on its own roots (“pie franco”), the 2017 Allegretto is a fleshy, firm, well-structured, perfumed example, which will take some time in the decanter (or time in the cellar) to really show its best. I like the grainy tannic structure, a little more finessed than the mean for Okanagan merlot, but certainly more firm than most international paradigms. Fruit is appropriately dark, ripe and plummy, also with some roasted vegetal-herbal notes in the varietal idiom, with very good length. It will be a little severe for some, but I like the more old world structure. Best after 2022.

John Szabo (MS)  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: Jan 2021

2017 Espressivo  |  90 points

Intensely herbaceous aromas. Ripe strawberries with a medium body. Rounded with textured fine tannins.

Susan Hulme (Master of Wine)  |  Decanter Magazine (international Wine Challenge)  |  Tasted: Fall 2020

2019 Vivace Pinot Grigio  |  91 points

A wine should live up to its name and La Stella’s Vivace succeeds. In the great sea of pinot grigio ubiquity there can be some with a distinct energy that roll across the palate in waves. This is such a heart breaker, a “lively” PG that seems so much bigger and of more alcohol volume than it really is. The density of fruit and the balanced relationship with a thickness of acidity is how the breakers are developed, far out to sea and only realized just as they approach the shore. This will tumble over you with sudden haste and find you swimming in its juiciness, albeit a metallic oneand as with the best of northeastern Italy, unctuous to an Adriatic degree. Great fruit and winemaking heed are what make this happen. Drink 2020-2023.

Michael Godel  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: Spet 2020

2017 Espressivo  |  92 points

A wildly entertaining red blend, led by cabernet franc, followed by cabernet sauvignon, merlot and finally the only Italian grape involved, and that would be sangiovese. Like leaving Bordeaux, making a stop in Tuscany and settling in the Okanagan Valley. And so “espressivo” is not the only way to think about this truly savoury and multifarious red agglomeration. I would suggest another vernacular, as in “significativo,” which means the same but not. Significant and meaningful more like it because tasting this is like taking a bite out of something gustatory, meaty and substantial. Salty protein that has been studded with savoury aromatics such as rosemary, bay leaf and fennel, roasted medium rare and sliced. The muscularity is noted and thus in the Italian masculine are the adjectives employed, but truth is this kind of power is gender neutral. Pour a glass and relish in the “incontro significativo” and one where the wine, not the nomenclature is the focus. Drink 2021-2027

Michael Godel  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: sept 2020

90 points

he new bambino on La Stella’s block is dubbed “Classico” and who could not be made to dream of fresh, cherry-scented, savoury and high acid Annata from the land of the Gallo Nero. Sacrilege, but no! More like respect, ode and a nod to the great Chiantgiane terroir. In fact if there were a commune comparison to be made I’d put this in Radda in Chianti, of high elevation, brushy hillside savour, cool-climate Raddese like acidity and pure, antediluvian character. Though only 50 per cent sangiovese the connection to high solar radiated Tuscan wines is evident so let’s just say it falls into the IGT category, with Cassis, Ribena and a lovely kick of volatility. In the end Osoyoos is the crux, impetus and imperative. A taste of the home-front, just like Nonno used to make. Drink 2020-2024.

Michael Godel  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: sept 2020

2017 Espressivo  |  93 points

5/5 Value

2017 marks another impressive release of La Stella’s “super Tuscan” style blend, in this case about half cabernet franc, with equal parts cabernet sauvignon, merlot and sangiovese, aged in both barriques and larger puncheons, with just over 1/4 new wood, all told. From the deep, saturated red colour through the expansive nose and broad palate, this is classy and sophisticated red wine. I love the broad spectrum of ripe, dark fruit, floral and wood spice notes, freshly roasted coffee bean, blood and iron, and more, in a complex expression. It has the depth and structure to age into the early ’30s, though also the polish to deliver pleasure far earlier, from 2021/22. A really finely-detailed wine that stands comfortably alongside many of the iconic Tuscan wines that inspired it in the first place, and more than fair value as such.

John Szabo (MS)  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: August 2020

2019 Moscato D’ Osoyoos  |  93 points

Presented in a tallish, 500ml bottle this is a fabulous off-dry, gently sparking and low alcohol white patterned on Italy’s Moscato d’Asti. It is rendered here with remarkable purity and acuity. It is only 9.9% alcohol, spry, effervescent and perfectly balanced. The aromatics are exuberant with mandarin/orange which is muscat’s secret weapon. But also nuances of green tea, lavender and anise. The focus and length are excellent. An ideal summer sipper at the end of the night. Value 5/5

David Lawrason  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: July 2020

Absolutely nailed Osoyoos. Keep an eye out for this new single vineyard release from LaStella winery.

Treve Ring  |  Gismondi on Wine  |  Tasted: June 2020

2019 Vivace Pinot Grigio  |  91 Points

Value: 5/5

The best Vivace yet manages to feel light and airy in the best expression of Italian pinot grigio, yet there is richness of flavour suggesting B.C./Alsace ripeness as well. It’s hard balance to strike, but done with a sure hand by winemaker Severine Pinte. Expect fairly generous aromas of peach pit, soft dried herbs and croutons. It is light to medium bodied (12.6%) with fine lacy acidity and a vague spritz intrinsic to its liveliness. The flavour depth/length is better than expected, the balance is close to perfect.

David Lawrason  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: June 2020

2019 Vivace Pinot Grigio

“… Delicious in the mouth! Severine does it again! 2019 Vivace is a citrusy wonder with basil, sage and parsley Italian, natch), with juicy acidity, a dab of marmalade and a hint of beeswax texture. The Variety can be so much more charismatic than a critical consensus often suggests. I give you exhibit A.


Kurtis Kolt  |  Tasted: June 2020


Black currants and figs for days, this wine exudes class. Cola, dired fruits and ripe sweet tannins express intensity and quality throughout. Verging on long it finishes with a classic savoury twist. Bravo.

Brent Muller  |  wine align  |  Tasted: june 2019


Deeply rendered and impressive, impressionistic red blend of Bordeaux varieties with a sixth or so of sangiovese in the mix. It’s all here; fruit of three shades, acidity, sweetness from that fruit and pretty fine tannins. Long, fruitful, juicy and succulent. And yet never allows the wood to over-sheath, caress or shake the fruit. The breakdown is cabernet sauvignon (35 percent), cabernet franc (31), merlot (18) and sangiovese (16). Drink 2019-2024. Tasted blind at NWAC19, June 2019.

Michael Godel  |  wine align  |  Tasted: June 2019

2018 Moscato D’ Osoyoos  |  90

seriously aromatic, as waxy as it is floral, but also herbal and notable with a scraped zesty spritz of lime. Pretty good balance and obviously sweet though also urged by enough buoyant acidity. Pretty nice I gotta say. Drink 2019-2022.

Michael Godel  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: June 2019

2016 Fortissimo  |  4/5 stars

Son nom pourrait faire craindre le pire, mais cet assemblage de merlot, de cabernet sauvignon, de sangiovese et de cabernet franc n’a rien d’une brute qui donne dans la puissance et dans la force. Le merlot confère au vin sa rondeur et ses parfums de prune et de cerise, tandis que les acteurs de second plan apportent de la vigueur tannique et des accents de graphite, de poivron rouge et de cuir. En somme, un vin élégant, digeste et plein de fraîcheur, qui procure beaucoup de plaisir à table. Excellent rapport qualité-prix.

Nadia Fournier  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: July 2018

2016 Fortissimo  |  91 points

Fine and fleshy, dark fruit scented, savoury, firm, drinkable, with fine acids, succulent and juicy. Plenty of dark cherry fruit, damson plums, black raspberry and more, with really nicely integrated wood influence. A balanced, savoury, essence, with very good to excellent length.

John Szabo  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: July 2018

2016 Fortissimo  |  Gold Medal

Tasted Blind. Gold Medal Winner

Wine Align National Wine Awards  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: July 2018

2016 Fortissimo  |  92 points

Fortissimo is such an epic expression of south Okanagan Merlot. The nose simply detonates with ripe plum, fruitcake, floral perfume, and distinct herbal fragrance. I really admire how the rich flavours unfold – first with black cherry, then juicy raspberry, then dark chocolate, and finally a truly Italiante walnut skin bitterness to add a pleasant nip to the long finish. Potent yet juicy, with old world earthy vinosity, I swear you can really sense the 8% Sangiovese that kicks up 76% Merlot. 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 7% Franc. Do deploy at the dinner table with roast lamb or pancetta-wrapped pork roast. Tasted blind at NWAC June 2018.

DJ Kearney  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: July 2018

2014 Arioso

I had the privilege of tasting their LaStella Arioso Sangiovese Grosso 2014 which is a wine club exclusive and, uh, it makes one damned tempted to join their wine club. Pitch-perfect Tuscan notes of violets, currants, fresh herbs, and earthy character mingle with hallmark Okanagan ripeness, acidity, and minerality.

Kurtis Kolt  |  Georgia Straight  |  Tasted: June 2018

2017 LaStellina Rosato

the pretty-in-pink LaStella Rosato 2017 blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Sangiovese brings boatloads of rhubarb, strawberries, and a hearty dash of white pepper to the glass.

Kurtis Kolt  |  Georgia Straight  |  Tasted: June 2018

2017 Vivace Pinot Grigio

has a lovely touch of river-rock briney character meeting fresh, crisp citrus and sage…

Kurtis Kolt  |  Georgia Straight  |  Tasted: June 2018

2015 Espressivo  |  91 points

In a nod to the Super-Tuscan blends now rampant in Italy this combines 55% cabernet franc, 20% cabernet sauvignon, 20% merlot and 5% sangiovese – all aged in French and Slavonian oak. There is considerable oak vanillin, resin and spice on the nose with fresh herbs (dill, sage) and raspberry-like cab franc fruit. It is full bodied with firm acidity, some alcohol heat (14.8%) and fine, grassy tannin. The fruit gets a bit overripe on the palate with dried fig character. Tannins are still quite grippy. The length is excellent. Cellar it until 2020.

David Lawrason  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: June 2018

2016 Fortissimo  |  92 points

Fortissimo is based on merlot (76%) with smaller portions of cabernet sauvignon, sangiovese and cabernet franc. It has a quite lovely lifted, complex and savoury nose of fresh herbs/straw, cedar and spice around currant fruit. It is quite full bodied and powerful (14.3%) yet manages some mid-palate finesse as well, which I attribute to the vintage and inclusion of the cab franc and sangiovese. It is nicely focused, balanced and interesting with that dusty, herbal note carrying well. The length is very good to excellent. Best in another year or three.

David Lawrason  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: June 2018

2015 Espressivo  |  92 points

55% Ca[b] Franc, 20% Cab Sauv, 20% Merlot, 5% Sangiovese. French and Slavonian oak. Ripe, warm, cedary, spicy and with hints of tea and herbs. Lovely sweet berry and cherry fruit. Has a bit of earth and spice with a sweet lift to the fruit.

Jamie Goode  |  Wine Anorak  |  Tasted: June 2018

2014 Arioso  |  92 points

Sangiovese is a difficult enough grape in Tuscany, and even more difficult in terroirs beyond. There is at a bit growing in the south Okanagan of B.C., which sits a more northerly latitude than Tuscany but makes up with a hot growing season. This has a nose very similar to good Chianti or Brunello with lifted red currant, sun dried tomato, rosemary/sage, vanillin and spice. It is medium-full bodied, nicely balanced, warming, drying yet delicious, with fresh acidity. The focus and length are excellent. Very impressive and ready enough to drink with your next Italian meal. But it should also age well through the mid 2020s.

David Lawrason  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: June 2018

2014 Espressivo  |  17/20

Creamy, spicy, flashes of bitterness on the palate, dry and chalky texture. Lovely restraint here – the fruit is clearly ripe but not allowed to be overindulged. (RH)14.5% Drink 2018-2024

Richard Hemming (MW)  |  Jancis Robinson  |  Tasted: Fall 2017


More red fruit character than the 2014. Still has a bitter tang to it, and the same chewy yet tender texture. (RH)14.8% Drink 2020-2030

Richard Hemming (MW)  |  Jancis Robinson  |  Tasted: Fall 2017

2015 Fortissimo  |  17/20

Milk chocolate, blackcurrant, some herbal notes on the palate, gentle tannin giving just a hint of grip on the finish. Notes of coffee on the length. (RH)Drink 2018-2030

Richard Hemming (MW)  |  Jancis Robinson  |  Tasted: Fall 2017

2014 Maestoso “Solo” Merlot  |  91 Points

Merlot is the number one planted red grape in BC. The majority are disappointing. Maestoso, “Solo”, aims to displace that thinking with this 100 percent merlot from the southern Okanagan. This is the top tier wine in the La Stella portfolio, and one of the priciest reds in BC at $90. Osoyoos and Golden Mile fruit, 17-22 years old, spend 8 months in French oak, 1/3 new, before being bottled unfined and unfiltered. Savoury and dense, this barely yielding even after one day open, showing just inky cassis, thick tobacco, espresso on the structured, firm palate. Tannins are rigid, though finely wrought, and well positioned to house the brooding fruit. This is a wine for cellaring, and shows the real potential for classic merlot in the southern Okanagan. Can’t wait to try again in five years.

Treve Ring  |  Tasted: Sept 2017

2014 Maestoso “Solo” Merlot  |  93 Points

Maestoso is one hundred percent merlot and the flagship red at La Stella. The style is a tip of the hat to the great Italian Masseto made by the Ornellaia folks. The blend of two vineyards, one in Osoyoos and one on the Golden Mile Bench is at the heart of this wine that while dense and structured is brimming with blueberries and Bing cherry fruit in 2014. The attack is spicy with more red and blue fruits, rich tannins and a warm smoky minty youthful tobacco back end. A T-bone steak would be the perfect match. The fruit comes off a mix of sites in Osoyoos Lake District and Golden Mile. It spends 18 months in 100 percent French oak barrels, 33 percent new, 56 percent second fill and 11 percent neutral oak.

Anthony Gismondi  |  Tasted: August 2017

2015 Fortissimo  |  89 Points

Reductive waves opens this youthful Fortissimo at first, a blend of 63 merlot, 17 cabernet sauvignon, 11 sangiovese, 9 cabernet franc from the south Okanagan. Fifteen months in French and Slavonion oak barrels and puncheons (16 percent new) was employed. After decanting (or do as I do and open it a day in advance) any reductive notes have resolved and you’re left with layers of sunripened cassis, wild blackberry, thorns, dried tobacco and dark earth, wrapped with firm, fine, gritty tannins. Serious and stately, this drinks well now with rabbit or lamb, but will reward more with time in the cellar.

Treve Ring  |  Tasted: Sept 2017

2015 Fortissimo  |  89 Points

The ’15 Fortissimo is a 63/17/11/9 mix of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, sangiovese and cabernet franc and it’s impressive from the get go. Large format puncheons and Hungarian/Slavonian oak have set the fruit free and the high level of merlot has kept the tannins manageable. The attack is juicy with bright black cherry fruit over a savoury underbelly, tobacco notes and even a touch of Italian earthiness. Veal osso bucco or roast lamb are classic matches. Love the new-found finesse here; it’s on the right road now. You can drink this now but it will be better in three to five years.

Anthony Gismondi  |  Tasted: August 2017

2014 Espressivo  |  90 points

Lovely savoury old-world stylings in this new “super tuscan meets BC” release from La Stella, A blend of cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and a splash (5 percent) santiovese. Restrained yet powerful, with stones, dusky cassis, textured with worn wood and firmly structured. Tannins are potent, but fine, and gritty with the intent to house the fruit. Impressive now, and will be more so with age.

Treve Ring  |  Tasted: Sept 2017

2014 Espressivo  |  91 Points

Un assemblage rouge, en grande partie, de cabernet franc ainsi que 20% cabernet sauvignon, 20% merlot et une trace de sangiovese. Style Bordelaise avec une très jolie structure tannique qui mérite encore quelques années de garde pour s’assouplir. Elegant avec notes de feuilles séchés ainsi que des fruits rouges and noir. Belle fraîcheur en bouche.

Sara d'Amato  |  Tasted: Juin 2017

2012 Arioso  |  90 points

Substantial, generously fruity, sustained by the right amount of acid and some well-polished tannins. The wine is four years old, but still feels extremely young, making the presence of new oak seem fairly justified, as this seems like it could age gracefully for many more years. Worth waiting for. (June 2016 – to be officially released in September)

Rémy Charest  |  Tasted: June 2016

2013 Allegretto Pie Franco Merlot  |  91 Points

Allegretto is a single-vineyard Okanagan Valley merlot with great intentions, to play at a pace slower than allegro but faster than andante, with interdiction and also grace. You really need to mull over this merlot with great concentration because there is a marker in the sand, as there has to be with merlot. “No one sees it ’cause the sand has covered over all the messages it kept, misunderstanding, what original truth was and out expanding.” On one side it is a pearl, of phenols ripe and so very happy. On the other there is massive concentration, extraction and a density as if it were jam. Where the marker might be there is savour, umami even, unheard, heralded or here ushered from sandy soil and ungrafted vines growing of their own volition. But it is these vines, their grapes and the deft hand of the maker that seem to know what it is that needs to be heard. La Stella’s merlot finds a lightness of being within its quick tempo, in other words it’s a beautifully balanced big red. “With the living, let, what is living, love.” Drink 2017-2022.

Michael Godel  |  Tasted: April 2017

90 points

Substantial, generously fruity, sustained by the right amount of acid and some well-polished tannins. The wine is four years old, but still feels extremely young, making the presence of new oak seem fairly justified, as this seems like it could age gracefully for many more years. Worth waiting for.

Remy Charest  |

2015 Fortissimo  |  90 points

Fortissimo is a lighter weight red (in the the La Stella universe) blending 63% merlot, 17% cab sauv, 11% sangiovese and 9% cabernet franc. It pours fairly deep purple-ruby and shows ripe grapy/blueberry fruit and dried rose petal with inlaid dusty oak earth and spice. It is medium-full bodied, fairly firm and slightly juicy with softer tannin engineered for more immediate drinking. The length is very good.

David Lawrason  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: April 2017

2014 Maestoso “Solo” Merlot  |  92 points

This 100% “Solo” merlot weights in at 14.9% alcohol but it moves with poise and confidence nonetheless. The aromatics capture perfect wildberry/plummy fruit, raspberry seed, licorice, fine herbs and spices. It’s full bodied with impressive density, firm dusty tannin and a warm alcohol. Just a touch of south Okanagan herbality on the finish. The length and focus are excellent. Best 2019 to 2025

David Lawrason  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: April 2017

2014 Maestoso “Solo” Merlot  |  92 points

La Stella’s “Maestoso”, a pure merlot and the winery’s flagship wine (“the reason we get out of bed”), has developed an admirable track record of consistent style, and it’s impressive. From vines now into their second decade, this 2014 continues in the line of dense, structured, complex wine. Clear your impressions of soft, plush, easy-drinking merlot – this is not that. Nearly 15% alcohol is cleverly disguised under a wash of black fruit; tannins are thick but velvety. This will need another 3-5 years at least to come around, but it will be a superb bottle. It’s in the running for one of the top merlots in the country to be sure.

John Szabo (MS)  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: April 2017

2014 Espressivo  |  91 points

Expressivo is a new (as yet unreleased and unpriced) blend that attempts to express Tuscany, with 5% sangiovese tucked in among 55% cab franc, 20% cab sauvignon and 20% merlot. And indeed it does capture the red currant, earthy and wild fresh herbs and sour edges of an Italian red quite nicely. It’s full bodied, elegant, quite richly textured, warm and powerful, trailing warm alcohol (14.5%), French and Slavonian oak is nicely embedded here with the latter providing a subtle cedary/woodsy ambiance, along with the effect of the dusty tannin. The length is excellent.

David Lawrason  |  Wine Align

2016 Vivace Pinot Grigio

Made with care, Pinot Grigio can be truly satisfying and flavourful, and this 2016 Vivace is a great example of what the grape can do in the Okanagan. Bright but not bland, fruity but not sweet, present on the palate without any heaviness, it finds a really great balance. Very enjoyable food wine, more than just a patio sipper.

Remy Charest  |  |  Tasted: April 2017

2016 Vivace Pinot Grigio


David Lawrason  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: April 2017

2016 Vivace Pinot Grigio


john Szabo (MS)  |  Wine Align  |  Tasted: April 2017

2016 Vivace Pinot Grigio  |  90 points

This is such an impressive bottle of pinot grigio. As lively and bright as its name suggests, Vivace is back to its tighter, leaner form in 2016. Early picked, the fruit is sourced from vineyards 16 to 30 years old along the Golden Mile, Naramata Bench and as far north as Peachland. It spends five months on its lees for a welcome slip of padding under a bone-dry frame. Asian pear, green melon, yellow apple, mandarin blossom with fine, zesty spicing on a snappy, bitter lemon finish. An ideal counterpart to simply steamed clams or grilled halibut, and a style I wish more BC wineries would follow.

Anthony Gismondi  |  Gismondi on wine  |  Tasted: May 2017

2016 Moscato D’ Osoyoos  |  90 points

It’s hard not to marvel at this wine. While it’s true that muscat almost always trumps terroir, LaStella has managed to bring a little bit of d’Asti to its d’Osoyoos, offering a stunningly elegant version of a pétillant bubble. They have gone back to cork to better adjust the gentle pressure in the bottle and they have got it right. You can expect an explosion of perfumed fruit with just a hint of effervescence. Orange blossoms, nectarine skin, rose petals and more all jump from the glass. At less than 10 percent alcohol by volume this wine is multidimensional. Think aperitif, dessert or brunch wine – the winery suggests you try it with green curry and fish. Sounds perfect.

Anthony Gismondi  |  Gismondi on wine  |  Tasted: May 2017

2012 Maestoso  |  93+ pts

True to its impressive lineage, the 2012 Maestoso represents the peak of Merlot production in the Okanagan Valley. Elegant, layered and supremely complex. Look for dark berry, sweet plum, toasted oak, dark chocolate, fresh herbs, mocha, vanilla toffee, menthol and warm spice aromas followed by a medley of similar flavours on the ultra-dry palate with a strong focus on the juxtaposition of the berry and savoury characters.

Liam Carrier  |  |  Tasted: June 2015

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