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LaStella embodies the Italian spirit and Tuscan way of life; we would like to share this celebration of La Dolce Vita with you.

We will greet you and lead you on a personal visit to our vineyard so that you can see, first-hand, the painstaking organic, hands-on, and sustainable methods we use to craft the wines we have long dreamed of making.

Then we will step into the cellars for a tasting of our current vintages to share with you the full expression of the work we do every day in the sun.

Finally, we will take you behind the scenes and share our vision for the wines, along with the remarkable musical themes that run through our winery like the arias of a great opera.

We welcome you with open arms; but please make sure that we know you are coming. We ask you for 48-hours notice before your visit. We will strive to accommodate more impromptu requests, upon availability.

Please email us at [email protected] or contact us at 250-495-8180 to set up your visit.

Fee: $50 /person

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