November 2011 | Harvest

2011 Harvest Report


As winter starts to close in on the valley, we finally have had a chance to sit back and reflect on the 2011 harvest.

As spring turned to summer this year, the rains continued un-abated and there was general panic throughout the Okanagan that 2011 could be one of the worst vintages in recent memory. Right around Canada Day, however, everything changed. August brought constant sunshine and perfect temperatures. September and October continued the trend and what looked to be a poor vintage turned into a VERY good one!

Most of the good producers carried a smaller than usual crop load due to the poor spring. Smaller crop loads combined with the glorious late summer and fall to grant fantastic phenolic (flavour) maturity. Simultaneously we have acid levels exactly where we’d like to see them and slightly lower than usual alcohol levels. All in all it turned into an almost perfect vintage!

As always, we wish you happy drinking!