August 2015 | General

5 Simple DIY For Used Wine Bottles and Corks

Like any avid wine drinker, you probably have amassed an overflowing bucket of corks, and if you’re like me, empty wine bottles fill up at least half your weekly recycling.Β Perhaps you’ve seen some wine DIY projects and wondered if you could do something similar – well you can!

For ideas of what to do with your bottles and corks, check out these websites:

Here is a Vancouver company that recycles them for those folks that don’t want to do a DIYΒ

Boredom Therapy

Home Esthetics


1. decorative cork magnets


diy cork mod mag



2. cork wine cooler or planter


pinterest diy cork planters


3. candy storage containers

DIY-wine 1


4. wine bottle lamps

diy bottle lights


5. cork spreaders



In order for us to add to your used corks and bottles, you should buy our wine! πŸ˜‰ Visit our tasting room, order wine online and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed!