July 2018 |

DJ Kearney Fortissimo 2016

Fortissimo is such an epic expression of south Okanagan Merlot. The nose simply detonates with ripe plum, fruitcake, floral perfume, and distinct herbal fragrance. I really admire how the rich flavours unfold – first with black cherry, then juicy raspberry, then dark chocolate, and finally a truly Italiante walnut skin bitterness to add a pleasant nip to the long finish. Potent yet juicy, with old world earthy vinosity, I swear you can really sense the 8% Sangiovese that kicks up 76% Merlot. 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 7% Franc. Do deploy at the dinner table with roast lamb or pancetta-wrapped pork roast. Tasted blind at NWAC June 2018.