October 2020 |

michael godel: 2018 classico d’osoyoos

he new bambino on La Stella’s block is dubbed “Classico” and who could not be made to dream of fresh, cherry-scented, savoury and high acid Annata from the land of the Gallo Nero. Sacrilege, but no! More like respect, ode and a nod to the great Chiantgiane terroir. In fact if there were a commune comparison to be made I’d put this in Radda in Chianti, of high elevation, brushy hillside savour, cool-climate Raddese like acidity and pure, antediluvian character. Though only 50 per cent sangiovese the connection to high solar radiated Tuscan wines is evident so let’s just say it falls into the IGT category, with Cassis, Ribena and a lovely kick of volatility. In the end Osoyoos is the crux, impetus and imperative. A taste of the home-front, just like Nonno used to make. Drink 2020-2024.