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Custom Made Olive Oil Direct from Sicily, Italy

What started as a personal project to source outstanding oils and vinegars for our own personal consumption soon became a side venture for us. The more friends tried our individually sourced oils and vinegars, the more demand was created for them. LaStella and Casa Gusta eventually partnered in 2010 to collaborate and source small batches of specialty olive oil and vinegars, specifically for the patrons of the winery.

Each year we receive dozens of samples from certified organic and some even certified biodnamic growers in Italy that adhere to the same philosophies and exacting standards that we have set for our wines”, says Rasoul Salehi, managing partner of LaStella Winery. “After sampling our way through the offerings, we select a particular batch or put together our own blend to achieve an oil of unprecedented complexity and intensity. “


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The olives for this vintage come from an ancient olive grove in Sicily. There were multiple dates for harvesting in October of 2014. Various picking stages give the oil different but complimentary qualities that provide balance and harmony. The olives were individually hand picked, directly pressed by mechanical extraction and cold pressed and bottled under argon gas to protect against oxidation. No compromises are made and the result is a fresh, full-bodied olive oil with an intense and complex bouquet hinting at artichoke, fresh cut grass, tomato stems and abundant notes of peppercorn.


Sebastiano – our supplier from Sicily for the Intensivo, says:
“2014 climate was way too hot. Nobody has ever seen this in Italy. All producers are suffering heavily. Olives got ripe way to early – with too many of them got even rotten. So the guys are selecting olives one by one in order to eliminate the bad ones. And yield went down dramatically.”




















Although there has been a global shortage of olives appropriate for making extra virgin olive oils, the strong relationship and like-minded philosophy between the winery and our Italian sources helped in making this small production of olive oil possible albeit smaller volumes were imported.


For information and to order: https://lastella.ca/product/olive-oil-mosto-cotto/olive-oil-intensivo-tonde-iblea/