February 2016 | General, Recipes

Food, Music and Vivace Pinot Grigio!

Here at LaStella, all of our wines are named after musical notes. It’s a way to share their personality and character before you even open the bottle. So, we’ve put together a pairing (our suggestion) of food that we think will match nicely with our wine, along with music that will create a symphony for the senses. Cook, sip, listen and enjoy!

The Musical Note: Vivace means quick and lively.

The Wine: Our 2015 Vivace Pinot Grigio greets you on the nose with a very expressive note of Asian pear, desert vegetation (sage) and lime zest. The palate is packed with fruit cocktail flavours that enter the mouth in a juicy and round fashion before they blossom into bright citrus and tart apple notes. The long finish carries on with intense citrus rind notes. A grigio on steroids.

vivace view 6


The Food: Smoky Pumpkin Empanadas from The Land We Live On food blogger Sofia out of Toronto.

empanada picture

The Music: Le nozze di Figaro, K. 492: Atto primo, Scena 5. N.6 Aria Cherubino.”Non so più cosa son

mozart cover


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