September 2015 | General

Music + Food + Fortissimo Wine Pairing

Happy Monday! How about some Rock ‘n Roll Music/Food/Wine pairing -for our ‘symphony for the senses’ series.

Every Monday we are sharing the our wines, which are named after musical notes and in order to convey the emotion – Here’s our suggestion of food and music that match the personality of our wine!
led zeppelin collage
Today’s musical note is Fortissimo – which means very loud.

The wine: Fortissimo is a super-tuscan styled blend that shouts out with a bold structure, fantastic layers of flavour and nuances.

The music to match: Rock like ‘Black Dog’ by Led Zeppelin.

The food: a chili rub flank steak with with a side of mushroom tapenade and rosti potatoes will go great with the wine and music. Choose your favourite recipe!

So turn it on and turn it up!