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2010 Allegretto “Pie Franco” Merlot

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Winemaker's Notes

Allegretto is produced from a very special block of Merlot in our Stagg’s vineyard in South Osoyoos.

This Merlot is what we call a true Merlot. It is planted on its own rootstock (no grafting). In return we are rewarded with a trueness and transparency in the flavour that is not seen elsewhere. We also believe the white silica sandy soil of this vineyard contributes to the elegant style of this wine.


To soften the tannins and enhance the complexity of flavours, look to items like braised pork belly or beef short ribs with savoury and aromatic components.

Region:South Osoyoos
Soil Type:

White Silica Sand

Age of Vines:13+ years
Yield:2 tons per acre
Production:110 cases of 750ml, 28 cases of 375ml
Aging:18 months in Oak Barrels, 15% New, 30% One Year Old, 55% Neutral

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