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2011 Lastellina

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Winemaker's Notes

We celebrate the fact that we make wine in a region where vintage variations play an important role. Atypical growing seasons are a nightmare for commercial wineries interested in making consistent but boring wines. For us however it defines our interest in wine. We look forward to seeing what Mother Nature gives us to work with each year. It is the effects of each vintage on the finished wine that urges us to start verticals of our favourite wines then follow their evolution and discuss their merits at tastings with friends.

LaStellina is a Rosato with personality and elegance. Off dry and aromatic. This style of Rosato will complement any hot summer day on the patio.


The off-dry and low alcohol qualities of this wine complements dishes that sport spice or piquant flavours. Thai and Indian dishes would be a great choice! This wine will also work beautifully with strong cheeses – be sure to search out some local favorites.

Region:Naramata Bench, Central Okanagan
Soil Type:

Clay, Sandy Loam

Age of Vines:10+ years
Yield:3 tons per acre
Production:560 cases
Aging:5 months in Stainless Steel

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