2015 La Sophia Cabernet Sauvignon

2015 La Sophia Cabernet Sauvignon

We celebrate the fact that we make wine in a region where vintage variations play an important role. Atypical growing seasons are a nightmare for commercial wineries interested in making consistent but boring wines. For us, however, it defines our interest in wine. We look forward to seeing what Mother Nature gives us to work with each year. It is the effects of each vintage on the finished wine that urges us to start verticals of our favorite wines then follow their evolution and discuss their merits at tastings with friends.

La Sophia is our small lot 100% Cabernet Sauvignon bottling. Akin to the great examples of Cabernet Sauvignon from the coastal areas of Tuscany: Maremma and Bolgheri. Similarly, La Sophia draws a comparison to the great cabernets from Washington State rather than the plusher and fatter examples from Napa Valley.

2015 La Sophia like past vintages continues to wow right off the bat. None of the “green mean leafy” notes from underripe or overcropped Cabernet is found here. The colour is deep purple and opaque. La Sophia presents a great nose of cassis and elderberry mingling with cigar box, dusty pottery studio notes, dry sauna, grilled Anaheim peppers and cured tobacco leaves. Whispers of aromatic herbs like rosemary and thyme weave in and out. On the palate, there is great weight, firm and chewy tannins with a balanced natural acidity. Decant for an extended time or keep your hands off and let this jewel of a Cabernet slumber in the cellar for at least a few years. A monumental Cab.

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  • Di Carne
    The higher acidity and firmer tannins in this wine than our merlots benefit from pairing with fattier cuts of meat and from dishes that are higher in acidity. Pistachio-crusted lamb rack or a New York steak perfectly grilled are clear winners too.

    Vegetariano / Vegano
    Braised broccoli stems, lemon cashew puree and toasted almonds is a vegetarian or vegan course that helps offer the fattiness and acidity that this wine requires.

  • Region: Black Sage Bench, North Oliver
    Soil Type:

    Glacio Fluvial: Silt and Gravel mix, Alluvial deposit and Sand

    Age of Vines: Mostly 30 year old vines. Some of the vines are from late 70s and 80s
    Yield: 3 tons per acre
    Production: 125 cases
    Alcohol: 14.3%
    Aging: 14.3%
    2015 La Sophia Cabernet Sauvignon Spec Sheet (PDF)
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