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2021 Leggiero Chardonnay

2021 Leggiero Chardonnay


Crisp Citrus Green Apple Mineral Long Charming


We celebrate the fact that we make wine in a region where vintage variations play an important role. Atypical growing seasons are a nightmare for commercial wineries interested in making consistent but boring wines. For us, however, it defines our interest in wine. We look forward to seeing what Mother Nature gives us to work with each year. It is the effects of each vintage on the finished wine that urges us to start verticals of our favorite wines then follow their evolution and discuss their merits at tastings with friends.

The best Italian Chardonnay hails from the hillsides of cool climate regions of Northern Italy, most notably: Alto Adige and Friuli. Almost always made in an un-oaked fashion (Neutral large oak casks used partially for textural gains and nuance addition), it is a wine that expresses the pure minerality of Chardonnay with beautiful acidity and crisp fruit flavours.

The 2021 Leggiero is made from old vines grown on the slopes of the Golden Mile and our Eagle Bluff vineyard offers up a balance of green apple, quince, bergamot, and key lime. The palate is chiselled with a great burst of lime zest and tart pear.