Olive Oil “Intensivo” -500ml

Olive Oil “Intensivo” -500ml

Background: LaStella and Italian/German Organic and Biodynamic fine food merchant Casa Gusta (supplier to many of the top Michelin star institutions throughout Europe) came to meet by good fortune and only years later started working together after gaining mutual respect and appreciation of each other’s craft. We are friends first before partners. Since 2010 we have been working with the fine folks at Casa Gusta to bring the best of Europe’s fine foods with excellent provenance and careful attention to the making process for your and our enjoyment. Our vision and inspiration was to bring these fine items for ourselves and select few friends of the winery’s appreciation and delight. As more people found out about these precious rarities, they became “hooked” and eventually lead to the birth of this side venture.

Intensivo is to Casa Gusta what Maestoso is to LaStella. At the top of the crescendo one finds an olive oil with an expression of majesty.

LaStella wines and Casa Gusta olive oils are both made with a strong commitment to respect the land where the fruit is grown. For us the goal is not just about the end product but about the means.

First Grade-Direct pressed from finest olives by mechanical extraction. First cold pressing. Fresh, Full bodied with a complex bouquet hinting at artichoke, fresh cut grass, tomato stems and ample notes of peppercorn.

Taste: Aromatic and Intense

Harvest: hand picked In October

Variety (Cultivar): Tonda Iblea

Origin: Sicily, Italy

Harvest: Early harvest of hand-stripped olives. Directly pressed by mechanical extraction. First cold pressing and bottled under argon gas to protect against oxidation. Artisan touch every single step of the way.