April 2008 | Uncategorized

Best Kept Secrets of the Okanagan

Tiny new LaStella Winery (the sister winery of Le Vieux Pin, whose name means “Star” in Italian) barely has a door hinged on to its entrance yet, but even so, there are some amazing pieces of hardware currently being installed inside, including hand-blown Venetian glass light fixtures and a rare blue granite bar top that fairly glows with its satiny natural hue of navy blue.

The wines are looking to be as selectively hand crafted. A complex berry-packed Cabernet Sauvignon named “La Sophia” with its intriguing but not unpleasant top note of fabric softener and fine, tight tannins on the back end, should be one of the more interesting first bottlings out of La Stella’s cellar. There are other surprises in store as well, but if we tell you, the owners will have to kill us.