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Leggiero, Lastellina and Vivace Release


Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner. We’re finally going to take the wraps off the newest vintage of our zesty summer whites! Just in time for the sun to start shining we’re releasing two whites and our rosato.

We are firmly convinced that each of these wines is the best incarnation we’ve created yet!

Vivace is still the zesty, aromatic, vibrant Pinot Grigio it has always been. But this year the level of depth and complexity have been elevated to a completely new level.

As always, Leggiero is a refreshing, light on its feet, clean take on Chardonnay. The 2011 edition has been compared by some of Vancouver’s top wine experts to Chablis; we prefer to compare it to a high altitude northern Italian version however. With a glass full of orchard fruit and pure minerality we’re sure this wine will keep the old fans happy and hopefully attract new followers as well.

The 2011 Lastellina is a little drier than previous editions. That doesn’t mean the fruit is any less intense though! Quite the contrary the big red berry flavours flood across the palate. This will still be a sunny patio mainstay, but we think maybe it should find its way to the dining table a little as well.

We held all three of these wines back a little later in the spring this year to make sure they were well settled in the bottles. They’re ready to go now though!

We’ve included the rave reviews from the top critics in Canada below as well a vintage summary from our viticulturist Severine.

We’re also very pleased to be included in the 1st Annual Duncanby Lodge Fine Wine and Fishing Retreat. This event will run from July 7th to 10th. Please contact the Duncanby Lodge for more information.